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A true "Calling" feels like a Sweeping Green Mountain growing inside of you that is full of life. You can feel it expand and breathe within you and you have this sixth sense that it is reaching for something and that's because it is; it is reaching for you. This has been an experience of mine that has stayed with me since I was a small child. I began to realize at a very young age that every living being on this planet has a spirit of its own and I was determined to find a way to communicate with a great deal of diverse life forces. I began immersing myself in nature, and that is where I learned the language of divination. I quickly discerned that all things were connected and that the outside world was mirroring the inner world of humans and others of the like.  


I was born in the Great Mountain State of West Virginia and my Appalachian Roots run deep in her hills. My Granny, Roxie Pearl had the gift of sight, a cackling laugh, built her own home with her bare hands and helped many others build theirs. She made the best homemade biscuits and chewed tobacco. She lived off her land and gave thanks for it. My Grandfather Holly was known as The Ridge Healer; people would come to him to heal warts, headaches and nosebleeds. My Grandmother, Helen Catherine was an Astrologer, Tarot Reader and she had a deep respect and appreciation for the Kabbalah. She gave me a Written Horoscope every year for my birthday from the time I was 10 until just about 4 years ago before her Dementia Diagnosis. To these Ancestors I owe the honor of being here in this space with each and every one of you today. I will be eternally grateful for their influence on me. 


I have been studying Tarot since my early teens and while I always had a great deal of  interest in Astrology, I didn't start a committed study until 2016. I earned my One Year Certification with NightLight Astrology in 2017. I have continued my studies ever since by following other amazing and well versed Astrologers that practice both Modern and Ancient Astrological concepts. Adam Elenbaas, Austin Coppick, Chris Brennen, Adam Sommer and Kelly Surtees, to name but a few, have been some of the most influential Astrologers during my practice and studies. 


I am an Aspiring Herbalist but not yet a Proclaimed OR well versed one. I did complete my One Year Apprenticeship with Sky House Herbal School back in 2019 and I continue to incorporate and use herbs in my daily life because they work. Herbs have both Medicinal and Energetic healing properties. Plant Spirit Medicine is great for healing emotional trauma and in assisting with Spiritual growth. 


I know the Universal Law that everything you do and give for good or bad comes back to you, to be a great truth. And with that I keep my will and intentions both pure and true. It is my Prayer and Intention before every single reading I do,  that I am able to give an accurate reading that is for the highest good of my client and that I am able to hear Spirit speak clearly.


You will see  under my business name, Odin's Rose, that it mentions Tarot, Astrology and Holistic Healing. I'm still working on some of my Material for Holistic Healing and will offer those services soon. My way of life and Practice is one that requires a life long study because there is always more and there is always growth. It is my hope that you will continue to grow and heal with me and my business here at Odin's Rose. 

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