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Relationship Reading

I was always taught never to insult the Oracle when she opens her door. Greet her and tell her why you have arrived at her home so she can guide you back to yours, leaving you feeling enlightened and informed with direct answers to your direct questions. 


All of my readings whether 30 minutes or 2 hours long, consist of you asking one question at a time. I prefer my clients don’t tell me their questions or at least not the first one. I find this method incredibly rewarding for both parties as I lay the cards and read their energies and any other messages that may come through from Spirit. I love to see both the amazement on their faces and their increased confidence in the reading process. It’s a beautiful vessel that holds a great deal of truth. 

Half Hour Reading

$60 / conducted via zoom or in person

This allows enough time to focus on one question thoroughly and possibly a few others in regards to it. Depending on how fast the process goes sometimes there is time for two questions.

One Hour Reading

$90 / conducted via zoom or in person

This allotted time allows for at least three in depth questions and sometimes more.

Two Hour Reading

$165 / conducted via zoom or in person

This allotted time is good for those of you that have a great deal of inner or outer conflict about several different areas of your life all at once; career, love, money, home, children; it’s for all of those extreme, Crossroads Crisis Moments.

Please book your reading by paying your deposit using the link below then fill out the contact me form so that we can finalize your appointment details. If you any have questions before booking please don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. 

Parties and Events

Hire me for your event! Bridal showers, Halloween Parties, Girls night, Women’s Weekend,  Holistic Fairs, Paranormal Gatherings, the list goes on! I do both Private and Business Events. It’s best that we go over the allotted time and nature of the event before an estimated cost can be given.

Contact me to discuss the details and receive a personalized quote.


“For dreams are always with me…dreams guide me to points I must reach. Dreams are my power, unseen spiritual essence of my soul given substance and made tangible. Through them, healing is possible. Born independently of all my mortal limitations, dreams make me whole, restoring each missing or broken part of me. Then they eloquently speak when my own words are frozen by fear or indecision.”                                                       

-Ana Lee Walters

Dream Interpretation


No deposit required, contact me to set up appointment

Are you having the same dream repeatedly? Did you have a dream that stuck with you your entire day and you couldn’t get it out of your head? Did you dream of a loved one who has passed over?  These examples are to name but a few but the list is endless. 


You know your dreams and the difference between a silly one that has no real meaning other than your imagination running wild in comparison to a prophetic one that has a message it is trying to convey.


The allotted time for this service is roughly 25 minutes. Please contact me to discuss preparation details. 

Wait time: All tarot readings are booked within 5-7 days. 

Tarot deposits are non-refundable, your reading credits may either be applied to reschedule your appointment one time if needed, you may also gift your reading deposit to someone else, or apply the amount towards any other service offered by Odin's Rose.

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