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Birth chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

conducted by Zoom  /  $175

A one hour deep dive consultation of your natal chart conducted and recorded via zoom with the audio recording emailed to you afterward. Your Natal Birth Chart conceptually, is a picture of where all the planets were in the sky at the exact moment and time of your birth. Now take those planets and place them on a circle divided by twelve which are called houses; from here your very own descriptive and complex journey unfolds. It is said in many different scriptures that man is "Made" in the image of the Great God and Goddess, which is another way of also saying you were born with a purpose. In Traditional Astrology, the Sun symbolizes your sense of purpose in life, ambitions, it tells us why we are here and what we are here to accomplish. Our Moon sign shows our environment or circumstances that give deeper context to the life path. Your Ascendant tells us about your psychology and character.  


During your consultation we will cover the meaning of your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and their relationships with each other. We will also take a detailed look at some of the greatest tensions in your chart and some current aspects. In my practice I use The Whole Sign House System NOT Placidus. Both House systems work; you're just looking at your chart through a different telescope, theoretically speaking. When purchasing a telescope you want to look for a High Focal Ratio so you can see the planets of the solar system clearly and it has been my experience, that when using The Whole sign House System the lense is a great deal more precise and clear. This house system has been around for thousands of years but the Placidus House System announced its arrival as early as the seventeen century. I combine both Ancient and Modern Astrological Concepts in my chart delineations. 


Your chart shows you that there is both destiny and choice; they are an intermingling web infinitely spinning. My old house had several different routes I could take to get into town and maybe your current home has many options as well. You have a choice. Are you going to take the old Industrialized interstate where the skies appear a little darker due to pollution and lack of oxygen OR are you going to take the backroad with the beautiful scenic view? The one that calms your soul and speaks to your heart. Maybe there is even a third route that feels busy and makes you nervous due to the heavy traffic. The point here is you have a choice in the "WAY" you take but no matter which route you choose it will get you to your destination; What unfolds from there will determine your way back home.

It is my great hope that after our time spent together, your spiritual and personal senses are both heightened and awakened. I hope I am able to activate your outer and inner compasses so you are able to feel that it is both yours and the Gods hands on the helm of your ship.

Please book your reading by paying your deposit using the link below then fill out the contact me form so that we can finalize your appointment details. If you have any questions before booking please don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. 

Wait time: Natal Chart Readings are currently being scheduled

3-4 months out, your $50 deposit will ensure your spot.

Birth Chart deposits are non-refundable, your reading credits may either be applied to reschedule your appointment one time if needed, you may also gift your reading deposit to someone else, or apply the amount towards any other service offered by Odin's Rose.

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